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Edit Program Details in Your Program Catalogue

1. Under Program Management in the side navigation, click Applications Cycles. On the Application Cycles screen, click Manage Programs  to display all your college programs within that published application cycle or click Create/Edit Catalogue to display all your college programs within a draft cycle.

Note about Draft Cycles:

A draft cycle will be available in Program Management during the rollover period. Colleges can add, edit and delete program offerings. The catalogue becomes the active applications cycle on / around Oct 1st.

2. To refine your search results, use the Campus, Program Code, Program Title and Program Delivery fields. Results are displayed in alphabetical order by Program Title.

3. Click on the Program Code or Program Title link to view or edit program details. To reorder the search results, click on any of the column headings.

4. Use the drop-down menus and free-form fields to enter information for your program.

Special Notes:

  1. To edit Campus, Program Delivery or Start Date of an existing program, you must clone the program. If you wish to edit the Program code or Application Cycle, then you must add a new program.
  2. Program offering information can be updated based on established business rules.

Other actions available on the Edit Program page:

Add Program Start Date:

Clone Program: