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Tier 1 Customer Support

Free your time by freeing your team


We share the mission to support Ontario college students. And with over 200,000 interactions with applicants each year, we know the importance of providing exceptional customer service. We also know that doing it right takes exceptional time and effort.

By partnering on Tier 1 Customer Support, we help Ontario's colleges offload quick-resolution interactions, freeing their teams to focus on the deeper issues their students are facing. For smaller customer service teams, our service is a simple, cost-effective way to reduce call volumes, decrease wait times and continue to deliver the exceptional service their students deserve.

How It Works


Customized support via live chat, phone, email or any
combination of the three.


Multilingual agents and flexible business hours based
on customer needs.


Seamless escalation for issues requiring your
team's expertise.


Full transparency with a centralized logging system
and regular reporting.

Why It Works

With scalable resources to handle busy periods and an 85% customer satisfaction rating, our contact centre expertise is already proven. And now, colleges can take advantage:

"Our top priority is our students; they are at the heart of all we do. This [Tier 1] partnership has significantly improved their experience by reducing wait times during the busiest periods of the year."

— Wayne Poirier - Vice President, Student Services, Mohawk College

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