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International Application Service

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IAS Overview - Institution with international flags

The OCAS International Application Service (IAS) was specifically designed to streamline and centralize international application and admissions processes. Built with direct input from admissions and recruitment teams, the service leverages a modern and flexible technology framework. Since its 2017 launch, the IAS has efficiently served several key groups, including post-secondary administrators, international agents working on behalf of applicants, and international applicants themselves.

With international applications increasing, the IAS can help you improve your processes and tools and keep up with the growing demand.

Current International Application Service Users

Collège Boréal

Benefits of the IAS

One seamless solution that simplifies the international admissions process:

Digitize and Centralize Your Admissions Processing
The IAS will modernize your team’s approach to international applications and admissions. Our digital platform removes the need for paper or PDF applications, eliminates reliance on email, and houses all required tools and information in one location. Through the IAS, you can automate data entry, status updates, communications, and document processing for an efficient admissions process.


Optimize Student Diversity  
International admissions and recruitment teams can tailor the availability of their programs by country to ensure a wider spectrum of countries are represented in their international student population. Programs can be configured to automatically close for some applicants (or agents) once upper limits are met, while remaining open for other applicants.

Real-time Data and Insights 
Access to real-time Power BI data enables colleges to make informed decisions throughout the application process and helps them meet their enrolment goals. Our reports provide real-time application metrics to assist in strategic planning and data-driven decision-making. 

Accurate and Dependable 
The IAS will eliminate incomplete or lost applications and reduce duplicates and errors in submissions.
During the application process, if there is required information missing, the applicant cannot continue with their submission until all the required documents are uploaded and all program-specific requirements are met. This provides a more efficient and rewarding experience for administrators, agents, and applicants.

Three User-Friendly Portals
The Apply Admin Portal allows admissions and recruitment staff to efficiently review and manage applications, documents and offers for international learners.
The Agent Portal supports international agents working on behalf of learners.
The Applicant Portal enables international learners to apply directly to an institution.

Configurable and Flexible
We know the needs of our partners vary widely, so we support customizations and configurations based on team size, systems, and capabilities.
The IAS supports a) the option to configure roles and permissions based on various users’ needs; b) the option of using our built-in admissions capabilities, or integrating with your in-house SIS; c) the option to match the look and feel of your current application experience; and d) customizable offer letter and payment receipts, email notifications, program and intake information.

OCAS Verify

Easily Verify Acceptance
OCAS Verify enables government officials to quickly and easily authenticate international students’ admission and payment status when trying to apply for a study permit.
This minimizes the number of deferral or refund requests, reduces potential fraud associated with letters of acceptance, and improves the experience for international students by minimizing processing delays.

Streamline Agency Contracts and Commissions
IAS is fully integrated with Cohort Go (now Flywire), a leading agency recruitment tool that streamlines the international payment and agency commission process. Integrating our product with Cohort Go makes it easier for institutions to work with international recruitment agencies and bring top-tier students to their institutions.  

Workflow Integration
The IAS includes the ability to synchronize with status changes in a college Student Information System (SIS); configurable program, intake, and agent management; application flow management through opening and closing of intakes, in real-time.

The IAS includes 24/7 monitoring and security controls for protection against unauthorized access and disclosure of information. It also features routine checks on the collection, usage, retention, and disclosure of personal information.

OCAS Support
OCAS puts our partners first. As part of our devotion to our partners, agents, and applicants, we have multiple teams and tools available for IAS users, including our Partner Success Office and Contact Centre, as well as user guides and instructional videos.

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Since its launch in 2017, half of Ontario's colleges have signed on to the OCAS IAS.

“The College Portal has allowed us to move our international admissions processes from a manual effort into a convenient, secure, automated solution.”

– Miriam Wall, Dean, International Education

Confederation College

Leave the paper and spreadsheets behind. Focus on what really matters.