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Business Intelligence

Our data and expertise working for you


At OCAS, we believe in the power of data. Our data warehouse is the largest source of centralized intelligence on the Ontario college system in the province, and we also collect a wide variety of internal and external data to enhance our analytics capabilities.

Our analysts are ready to put this information to work, delivering insights that help organizations make informed decisions.


Reporting and Publications

Thought-provoking information presented in easy-to-digest formats.

Customer Insight

Analysis of user behaviour data, market trends, surveys and customer segmentation.

Custom Analytics

Collecting and analyzing data for insight into business metrics and performance.

Operational Efficiency

Streamlining business processes to increase productivity and effectiveness.

How We Help

Our data and expertise can help give you a business advantage. We provide support for statistical inquiries through our customer help desk and also offer onsite consultation on:

Analytics Strategy

Industry Best Practices

Tools & Technology

And more...

Get Started

Let’s talk about your business needs and goals, and how we can put our data to work for you.