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Edit Existing Course Information

  1. Once you have found the applicant you were searching for, navigate to their supporting documents section by either scrolling or clicking the Education tab in the top menu. Click View Ontario High School Academic Record. 

Click the Education tab. Then click View Ontario High School Academic Record to make changes to existing academic data.

  1. You can edit a course by clicking the pencil icon or delete a course by clicking the trash icon. Add a course by clicking the Add Course button. If you need to delete a course with a final mark, please contact us at

Click pencil icon to edit. Click trash icon to delete. Email OCAS if you need to delete a course with a final mark. Add course to finish.

  1. Edit course information by changing any of the drop-down fields.

Change the editable fields to what you need. Note that the Course Code, Completion Date, and Delivery Type are not editable fields. If you want to update those, you must delete the existing record and add the course again.

  1. First, enter the Course Code. You can find course codes for equivalency credits in our Secondary Course List Codes Document. Next, enter the Mark of EQV in capital letters. Click Save when done.

Enter the Course Code (can be found on Course Code List Eng). Enter EQV in capital letters under Mark. Then click Save.

Special Notes About Adding a Repeated Course:

When showing a repeated course, do not add "Repeated" if the course was first failed and then retaken and passed. Only add "Repeated" if the student initially passed the course and retook the course to improve grades. When this happens, "Repeated" should be added to the course with the lowest mark.